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  1. The whore that waited around for a man for ten years.

    One of the comments on People.com (via theduchessofdimples)

    Like, what is the acceptable amount of time you can be in a committed, loving relationship with one person without being married before you’re labeled as a whore? I mean, I was with my husband for six years before we got married - am I a whore? Or does the whore label start at year 8? Or is it year 9? Or is the decade milestone where you get a big scarlet W sewn into all your clothes?

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    Just highlights the rampant misogyny in the fandom. The Queen is a maternal figure. She’s the Madonna so she is given a free pass. But a woman wants to embrace her sexuality with her loving boyfriend has to be a whore?

    I have seen a lot of people refer to pre-marriage Kate as “the mattress” as if she bewitched William with her vagina and MADE him marry her. I’m sick of this narrative: women are bad and they seduce poor men with their evil lady parts. No. Stop.

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    (via theroyalfirm)

  2. chipotlazy:

    never underestimate the power of a low quality webcam to make you look good in a selfie

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  3. flapwagon:

    haha, ok, i imagined some dragons, now what

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  4. royalwatcher:

    Queen Margrethe II and Prince Consort Henrik are currently on a three day state visit to Croatia. The purpose of the visit is to focus on collaborations in different subjects such as energy and environment, food, IT, health, architecture, film, children’s theater and archeology.

    Source: Kongehuset

  5. Engagement for Kate announced tomorrow night - she will attend Autumn Gala Evening for @ActionAddiction at L’Anima Restaurant, London
  6. royalwatcher:

    King Carl XVI Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria today attended the Stockholm Environmental Institute’s 25th anniversary. The King also spoke at the event.

    Source: Anna Lu Lundholm/Getty Images Europe

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  8. jaclcfrost:

    i want

    • affection 

    i have absolutely no idea what to do with and am pretty much uncomfortable with and confused by

    • affection

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  9. terrible-wolf:

    if you dont think norman reedus is the best then i dont care becauseit doesnt matter

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