Hello! I'm Vanessa and I'm from Venezuela. This blog is especifically about Royals. Enjoy!

  1. 6th May 1960. 
    Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret marries Mr. Antony Armstrong-Jones in Westminster Abbey.

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    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the New Zealand Police College, April 16th 2013.

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    we all have an imaginary relationship with our favorite celebrity don’t even lie and say you don’t

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    They make the best memes.

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    I might buy ¡Hola! Magazine to see what doed that interview with Charlene says.

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    imagine if all ur mutuals reblogged ur selfies

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    The 21 Most Ridiculous Infomercial GIFs

    IM LAUGHING SO HARD at #6 omFG how do these people even survive

    why would you even put an iron in a washing machine…

    omg #9 is such an accurate representation of my life

    this is amAZING OMFG

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  9. sometimes i wonder how my life would’ve turned out if i hadn’t signed up for tumblr

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